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#1 15.01.2011 00:41:35



Prosit 2011 und wider alles teurer echt scheiße des is zum kotzen!!!!!!!!!!!!


#2 23.09.2011 17:38:18


Re: 2011

Hi Friends,                       
Not sure how to start this, as so stressed and struggling with the fact that I won’t see my mother again. Ever!                       
On 14th July 2011, (6 weeks Ago) I was sitting at home watching Sky News when saw a newsflash and interview reporting a huge fire in Glasgow. Over 80 people had been trapped in the 7 high block of flats.                       
I did not realise that the fire was in my mother’s block of flats at first. And then, within an hour, there was a further update from fireman saying that they had found a body inside a flat on the 5th floor at my mother’s address.                       
Oh my god, I thought, my mum lives in that block of flats. And also on the 5th floor.                       
I rang the police in Glasgow, and explained that I was watching news and concerned that mum lived on same floor as where fire was coming from. And when the news said that human remains were found.                       
After 2 to 3 hours, i got a call back saying that the body was found in Flat 5/1 which was my mother’s flat. I knew there and then it was mother, as she lived alone and never had anyone visiting her.                       
I quickly rang a friend to borrow some cash and get to Glasgow from Blackpool asap. As I had to see it for myself and get in touch with my sister.                       
It’s now been over three weeks and I have never wanted a drink so bad. To block out the pain. But I have managed to get through that stage and stayed strong for my young sister.                       
It was only yesterday that we managed to get a death certificate due to police and fire investigations going on.                       
I have just booked the funeral etc and never thought I could cope with it. But, as long I stayed away from that drink I knew I would manage, and have managed OK.                       
Why am I writing this on Wired In, when it hurts so much to write this?                       
Answer: To show that anyone struggling with anything major in their life, thinking a drink will help and that you can’t cope without that drink. You can!                       
I will never see my mum again, and have given DNA to police and gone through reading so many dreadful reports in the press and watching the news and media saying so much about the fire in my mothers flat. And it was so hard the last three weeks with being up and down to Glasgow for updates, to get my mum’s body released to me and get the funeral arranged.                       
I am back up to Glasgow on Tuesday for my mum’s funeral on Wednesday and hope it goes without too much upset.                       
So, my message is that if you are struggling and think you need that drink, please think again. As I know how much I want to block out that my mother was killed in a house fire. But there would have been no big brother there for my little sister. And nobody able to deal with funeral and giving DNA to police to identify my mother.                       
I know that the bottle may have helped short term. But I dont think I would have had the strength to go through another detox. As I loved alcohol so much, one drink would have not been enough and then going through another road to recovery would have been too much for me.                       
I would have drank myself to death this time, as last time I was given 6-12 months life expectancy. I am very lucky to be here with over 6 years sobriety. And my mother would have not wanted that.                       
So you don’t need that drink.                       
No matter how hard your day is.                       
R.I.P. Mum


#3 08.01.2012 22:50:27


Re: 2011

Prosit 2012 und wieder alles teurer echt scheiße des is zum noch mehr kotzen!!!!!!!!!!!!



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